2022 Can-Am Defender Remote Start with 2-way Remote and Drone Cell phone app

Active Starter Disable: Yes
Sale price$652.00


2022-2023 Cam-Am Defender

Plug and play Can-Am Defender Remote start
Cell Phone App starting and 2-way remote

This is the ULTIMATE package for your Defender. This kit will include our 2-way remote starter, that means the remote will give you visual confirmation (LED on remote) when successfully remote started. This kit also has extended range of up to 3000 Feet!

Want even MORE? This package has it. Included is the Drone cell phone interface module(monthly plan not included but required for additional cost). This component is packed full of features! Not only can you start and stop the engine on your Defender, but you can also track it !

This kit is 100% Plug-and-Play, there are NO wired connections needed. Only running wires and making T-harness connections, and ring terminals to the buss bar. This kit makes the install so incredibly easy ANYONE can install this remote tart kit on their Defender

DroneMobile comes with a free 30-day trial. After the trial, plans start at $5.99/month with no contract or annual commitment. Pause or cancel service at any time. There are no reactivation charges.

The DroneMobile service is only required for cellular connectivity and is not required in order to use the remote/key fob.

Instructions use this link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zZ1chE3yUFQQAeQIMV8mMJwCNM6ZCBIU/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=106049167050313888148&rtpof=true&sd=true

Limited add-on instructions

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