“Heavy Duty” Bolt in Can-Am X3 Upper Ball Joint

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These are the heaviest-duty ball joints you can find on the market. The housing and support cup as well as the stud are made from 4340 chromoly and 300m steel, respectively. The dust boots are made from CR/Neoprene, and the adjustment plate cap is 6061 aluminum.

The ball joints are fully adjustable and rebuildable –– allowing them to be fully disassembled, cleaned, and re-greased to ensure you can keep riding longer, faster, and harder with the minimal amount of long-term maintenance possible.

While we do always recommend replacing all of your ball joints at the same time, we sell them individually.


Install Instructions

  1. Place ball joint in freezer for an hour, or two
  2. Jack car up off ground
  3. Remove wheel
  4. Loosen ball joint nut
  5. Pry ball joint up from back side
  6. Pull lower arm down and out of the way
  7. Use vice grips to hold socket over ball joint and hit socket downward with a hammer
  8. Heat the metal where the ball joint will be installed with a torch (not red hot, just enough to make it slightly expand)
  9. Get the ball joint out of the freezer and put it in the arm as quickly as possible
  10. Put everything back together and you are good to go

*** We always recommend replacing all of your ball joints at the same time. Or at least both upper, or both lower at the same time. ***

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