High Current 150 AMP Busbar Connection With 4 channel Solid state relay Kit - Fits Polaris 2-SEAT models

Sale price$329.00


Want an EASY way to add accessories to your Polaris SxS ?

Our Professional grade power extension kit uses Stinger Pro 4 gauge wire

Stinger Pro 4 gauge ring terminals, 4 channel 100 AMP Solid State Relay, and Marine grade 150 AMP circuit breaker.

Every connector, every zip tie, every piece of loom-all included

This kit includes everything needed to add 4-GAUGE power AND ground to your factory Polaris buss bar on your 2-seater. This kit includes Red and Black Stinger Pro 4 Gauge wire. 150 AMP Marine grade resettable circuit breaker. Stinger 4 channel 100 AMP Solid State Relay (one 40 amp Circuit, and three 20 amp circuits) Black and Black with Red infused expandable sleeve tubing to cover and protect the wires. 4 Stinger Pro 4 gauge 5/16 Ring terminals to connect to the battery and circuit breaker, and 2 Stinger Pro 4 gauge 1/4 Ring terminals to connect to the buss bar. 4 inch, 6 inch, and 14 inch wire ties included (QUALITY ONES THAT WILL LAST)

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