Polaris XP1000 BALL JOINT

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No matter which car you have, ball joints are going to wear out. That’s why we make ours twice as strong to keep you riding. These are easily greased with a zerk fitting for less headache and increased reliability before riding. We always recommend replacing all of your ball joints at the same time, but we do sell them individually.|

Install Instructions

  1. Jack car up off of the ground
  2. Place jack stands
  3. Remove wheel
  4. Remove brake caliper and pull out of the way (to the side)
  5. Remove the axel nut
  6. Remove ball joint bolt (top and bottom)
  7. Pull knuckle and axel out of the way
  8. Remove the snap rings from the ball joints
  9. Hammer ball joints out
  10. Install new ball joints and make sure they are straight
  11. Use ball joint press to fully press in ball joints
  12. Install snap ring on ball joints (This is a good time to clean out the knuckle and axel splines before putting it back together)
  13. Reinstall knuckle
  14. Line up groove of ball joint with ball joint bolts
  15. Tighten ball joint bolts on
  16. Reinstall axel nut and cotter pin
  17. Reinstall brake caliper
  18. Reinstall wheel


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