RZR Rear Seat Mounted Cargo Rack

Sale price$225.00


Easy as your back seats come out, this rack goes right in replacing the rear seats with storage racks.  Slots for tie downs or bungies are placed all the way around the cargo rack to ensure you have a place to strap in your coolers, hunting gear, camping gear, pet carrier or anything else you need to haul. Rack attaches to the OEM hardware the seats are mounted to, no extra holes to drill.   Also perfect for packing your furry friends with you!

When those back seats aren't being used by somebody, put them to use for packing all your things!

Back Seat Mounted Cargo Rack.  Fits RZR 1000XP4/TURBO & Turbo S 4 Seaters.  Powder Coated in Hammered Black.

***Comes with extra sides in case you only want to use in place of one seat.  

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